A well bred dog should have little or no common health issues! To us breeding the healthiest dogs possible is the most important part of preserving the breed.

Common misconceptions:

All French Bulldogs:

      Snuff, snort and snore! Our dogs only snuff and snort when they want to, it's their way of telling you they love you, they love what your doing or they love what they are doing. Our dogs occasional snore but they sleep with us and do not always snore. When they do a little nudge usually stops the snoring. The belief that this a common health issue comes from so many backyard breeders and puppy mills breeding and selling dogs with elongated  palates and pinched nares. They produce so many dogs that it makes it common in the breed when it should not be. 

Skin issues and allergies:

      Itchy skin, tear stains and feet chewing! Not with our dogs! Sometimes we will see some irritations but nothing long term. Yes we do feed a high quality food but even when we have switched to a bargain brand we have not seen these issues. That again goes back to the people who are trying to make money breeding and don't care what they breed!

Bad backs:

      Being involved in rescue and personally fostering dogs that have been down in the back we know all to well the devastation to the dog and families that incur that issue. There is never a reason to breed a dog with a bad back. Having hemivertebrae anywhere except in the thoracic region from T4-13 where 1 or 2 is common, can cause all kinds of issues.  These issues can  range from sever or minor and include incontinence, pain and paralysis. We x-ray the dogs backs that we show and breed to confirm we are not contributing to this issue, and you should be certain your breeder does as well

Veterinary Care:

Some believe that Frenchies require more veterinary care than most breeds.  This simply isn't true with a well bred Frenchie!  However, the proper veterinary care is essential for any procedure that requires putting the Frenchie under.  If you need help finding a vet with braciocephalic experience, please let us know, and we will be more than happy to help!